Developing an alternative to Coriolis

Ian Webster looks at the latest developments in flow measurement and how they are challenging the more traditional systems

Precision gas control for experimental combustion rig

Developing a special laboratory combustion rig to assist with research into flame deposition of chemical films onto various materials

Compressed air becomes obsolete

Electromotive process valves offering precision control without the need for compressed air

Value-added valves

When it comes to designs for controlling hot processes, it’s all material, says Ian Webster

Designs for controlling hot processes – it’s all material

Ian Webster looks at the impact that temperature has on valve design and how to achieve the most cost effective solution

Process control design – do not let ATEX restrict your plans

There are more options than you would think to increase process control and efficiency in a potentially explosive atmosphere by using the latest valves, controllers and panel built solutions

Solenoid valves: some are more equal than others

Michael Hannig looks at the improvements in design that have allowed an increasing number of processes to rely on this essential device

Boost in efficiency for chemical distribution company

Control panel continuously monitors the pH readings and records them along with the effluent discharge flow rate

Understanding sensors within a fluid control system

Kieran Bennett looks at the range of sensors available, the different technologies used in their design and how the application affects the specification

Pneumatic control automation systems: simplicity is the key

Neil Saunders looks at the common components and processes involved in pneumatic control automation systems, from the most basic design to a complete production line




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