Will 2020 be the year for autonomous delivery?

Some thoughts on the impact of new technology for logistics

VW expands autonomy research in California

New centre anticipates hiring up to 100 experts this year

Why optical sensors remain so important for ADAS

Advanced Driver-Assisted Systems will be increasingly reliant on this technology

Huge investment in Michigan by Ford

Autonomous and electrified vehicles the focus of US$1.45 billion gamble

BotRide autonomous Hyundai to go live in November

Free service will be offered to residents of Irvine, California

Toyota’s autonomous vehicle will take to the streets next summer

The P4 vehicle will operate in Tokyo’s Odaiba district

What people really think of autonomous cars

Audi study interviewed 21,000 people in nine countries

Research examines next-generation head-up display technology

Jaguar Land Rover leads project which could offer individual entertainment

Autonomous vehicles stick to mapped areas

Startup Optimus Ride formed by MIT alumni is taking a different approach to autonomy

Volvo and Uber unveil new autonomous XC90

Prototype is the next step in the collaboration between both companies

Nissan’s advanced autonomy comes to market

It’s the first commercial navigated highway driving system with single-lane capabilities

Volvo Mining Machines Chosen As 5G Testbed

Autonomous vehicle project starts in Sweden

Texan University Gets New Simulator To Research Autonomous Vehicle Control System

Investment enables multiple traffic scenarios to be investigated

MIT researchers pursue better vehicle vision

Sub-terahertz wavelengths could herald safer driving

Ford Tests "The Human Car Set" With Autonomous Vehicles

Bizarre approach maybe, but lessons about lighting have been learned

Foreward looking statements from autonomous vehicles

New project examines human faith in intention signals

Technology for post-autonomous driving at CES

Car maker’s collaboration with MIT highlighted

Autonomous work vehicle

It’s already been trailed in forestry and fire fighting

Mining milestone reached by autonomous vehicles

Over a billion tonnes of iron ore, copper and oil sands have been transported

Car maker trialling automated technology

This 25 tonne tow tractor can navigate the plant without any human intervention





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