Shock and vibration resistant RF connector for the automotive industry

New connector from I-PEX Connectors is industry-first with built-in locking feature

Durable locknut designed

It takes a tough nut to survive the hard conditions of life on the road

Testing the limits of hoses

Markus Linzmaier introduces some extremely tough lines for active chassis control

How a vehicle’s function can affect its steering needs

Eric Sonahee explains the need to understand a vehicle’s function in order to ensure the right parts and systems are included in the design from the start

New opportunities in hydraulics

Markus Linzmaier describes how RFID technology opens up new options in hydraulics

Autonomous cars ... considering the human factors

Boris Sedacca explores why autonomous cars might well be able to operate alone, they cannot truly be driverless

Fluid solutions for future commercial vehicles

Mark Klein-Hietpas and Jacques Malfroy discuss hoses and lines for new drive systems and alternative fuels

High-performance electric vehicle

Louise Smyth reports on the new EV concept that’s setting out to disrupt automotive design forever

Automotive motors: something in the air

Exploring the advantages and applications of piston air motors in the automotive sector

Intelligent solutions for lightweight vehicles

Antje Lewe discusses how modern materials benefit automotive design in a variety of ways

Measuring emissions in automotive interiors

Automotive expert offers optimal support for Asian customers wanting to measure interior emissions. By Dr Roland Freudenmann

Chemical kinetics and internal combustion capability for engine simulation

LOGE AB brings LOGEsoft and LOGEengine to Altair Partner Alliance

Fan system first to successfully cool electric formula racecar

Axial DC fans efficiently cool the ETSEIB Motorsport electric formula car at recent 22km endurance race, out-performing the competition

Mind the gap: can software substitute skills?

Dr Martyn Jeffries describes how software quality assurance can address the skills gap in UK automotive industry

Eco-advanced vehicle interiors

Antje Lewe reveals why a new surface material represents a real alternative to leather

Facing up to the challenges

Christoph Brachner introduces a new high-speed camera for automotive safety applications

Faster, more efficient testing of APIX2 Designs reduces time-to-market

APIX2 is a multi-channel technology for high-resolution in-car video applications

Belts for vehicles now even more environmentally-friendly

Rubber specialist has developed a new production process, in which the textile flocking is ironed onto the V-ribbed belt Unipower Tough Grip





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