The environment — the ultimate fashion victim?

How automation can reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion

Energy efficient robots

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how three technologies can improve the energy efficiency of industrial robots

Automation for sustainable development

Jonathan Wilkins explores how advanced technology can be used to create sustainable solutions and tackle world poverty

Industry 4.0: automated connectivity

Industry 4.0 is considered to be the future, though only adopted by a few manufacturers. How can more manufacturers unlock the opportunities that it offers? Stephen Dyson offers first-hand advice

The death of the call centre?

Stephen Parker examines the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence in the services sector and whether call centre agents should fear the threat of automation

In the hands of industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins explains the new job roles automation is creating within engineering and manufacturing

Automating the construction industry

Jonathan Wilkins explains how technologies such as drones and robots are being used to allow for off-site manufacturing and faster builds

Intelligent DIN rail mounted signal amplifier

Amplifier has been specifically designed for automation and industrial process control

Improving plant safety with industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how plant managers can improve safety by increasing automation

The robots are coming — but they’re here to help

Recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that by 2030 up to a third of UK jobs could be affected by automation and robotics. But are robots really taking our jobs? Jonathan Wilkins predicts the impact of robotics on the job market

Going soft with robotics

Jonathan Wilkins explains the applications of soft robotics in manufacturing

Automating the world

Jon Wilkins explains three interesting applications of robots outside manufacturing

The evolution of selective plating into automation

Derek Vanek discusses why selective plating warrants a wider appreciation in the aerospace industry and potential applications that could vastly increase cost efficiencies and improve durability and safety of components

A designer’s guide to smart battery applications

Michele Windsor guides design engineers through the process of embedding batteries in medical, military or automation applications

Maintenance: in-house or outsource?

Jonathan Wilkins argues the pros and cons of outsourcing plant maintenance compared with keeping it in-house

Wide-temp rugged embedded boards perform 24/7

Support the extended temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C

Reliable power at Polish waste-to-energy plant

Plant enables disposal of waste effectively and helps Poland meet its obligations under the EU’s 2020 climate and energy directive

Mill makes move to automation

A Canadian mining firm has recently completed a mill automation project using some of the most advanced technologies available

Especially flat Box PC with 6 GigE ports

Can be used in demanding applications the areas of automation, fabrication, logistics, image processing, robot steering, monitoring and building automation

60V buck-boost regulators

Suitable for for automotive, industrial, test, automation, lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications





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