Roof supports to extend longwall

Order for 50 Cat longwall roof supports to extend its Narrabri North longwall from 300 metres to 400 metres

Equipment-related technology investment to grow significantly in Australian mines

Tyre monitoring, collision avoidance and remote control/machine automation to be the key areas for future investment

What is next for key technology investments in the mining industry?

Nez Guevara looks into major technology investments in the mining industry and identifies top areas for future investment by region

Robotics market set to grow at 12% annually over next two years

New era of robotics and collaboration between humans and robots will become a reality, says Lim Say Leong

Engineers in demand in Australia

Shortage of engineers in Australia means country actively looking for British to emigrate, says migration agent

‘Wear and tear’ generates sales

The rapid growth of mining in Australia has accelerated power consumption and subsequently the ‘wear and tear’ of generator sets




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