At the cutting edge

Jon Lawson provides a ‘bit’ of news from the drilling sector, spanning advances in software and hardware as well as new rigs making their debut

Low maintenance refrigerant dryers

Dryers remove residual moisture from compressed air by cooling it down close to freezing point, condensing the water, which is then automatically drained

Dry claw vacuum pumps

Suited for process applications, including pneumatic conveying, woodworking, drying, sterilising, impregnation, thermoforming and extrusion

Oil-free centrifugal compressors

Smaller footprint makes for easier installation and location of the units within a multitude of process environments

Making mining cleaner and safer with battery driven equipment

Scooptram ST7 Battery has been developed to meet and exceed environmental standards and modern mining safety

Simulation scheme for smarter working

Hanna Hall presents a case study on the positive impact that systematic training of equipment operators and maintenance personnel can have on efficiency

The cutting edge

Jon Lawson reports on the latest drilling developments from across the world

Two-in-one coalescing filter

Combines the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with a 40% reduction in pressure drops compared with pleated filters

Boosting on-site nitrogen generation

Atlas Copco’s NGP+ can be plugged into an existing compressed air network to produce nitrogen of up to 99.999% purity

Knowing the drill

A roundup of the latest news from the drilling sector. By Jon Lawson

Intelligent vacuum pumps

Designed to deliver peak performance at common operating pressures in industrial applications

Hanging rocks: scale or fail?

Scaling involves the removal of dangerous, hanging rocks before they fall due to some unplanned action. Maurice Jones reports

Compressor has high-cooling capacity

Atlas Copco unveils new generation of energy saving GA 90+-160 compressors

Continuous checks for continuous production

Remote monitoring of the condition and location of equipment and workers is an integral part of mine automation and control, but in any efficient operation it is important to know the activities on important assets. Maurice Jones reports

Oil-free compressors help boost output capacity of snacks

Atlas Copco oil-free, rotary screw, full feature machines provide a guaranteed supply of high quality air

Compressors help reduce heating costs through energy recovery

Key role in Müller Dairy’s manufacturing plant where more than 600,000 litres of raw milk are processed daily

Energy-efficient screw blowers

ZS range of energy saving screw blowers meets today’s low carbon economy requirements

Compressors equipped with advanced heat recovery systems

Atlas Copco to show 100 per cent energy recovery and quality air solutions at The Energy Event 2010




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