Machine learning

Driving reliability and improving maintenance outcomes. By Mike Brooks

Contextualising knowledge

Improving operational decisions with enhanced data visualisation. By Robert Golightly

Managing crude through refined products

Allison McNulty outlines how one integrated scheduling platform can bring multiple business benefits

Visualising the future

Robert Golightly explores how terms like IOT, cloud and big data all have a part in automating manufacturing if used and understood correctly

Delivering intelligent insights

Jennifer Dyment reports on optimising plant performance with robust column analysis

Column analysis: The inside story

Visualising hydraulic behaviour and the entire product ecosystem. Jennifer Dyment reports

Conquering the data mountain

The ability to manage data is crucial when trying to achieve plant efficiency. Robert Golightly reports

Managing pressure in the plant

Katherine Hird exploring how safety should be at the forefront of a plant’s design, which in turn helps boost accuracy and saves time and money

Modelling the future of ethylene

Optimising assets from design through production can result in a quick payback of capital investment. Luc Chantepy reports

The crucial scope of plant scheduling

When industry leaders look to gain every possible competitive advantage in business, scheduling is a key area that needs to be given greater precedence. Roch Gauthier reports

The crucial scope of plant scheduling

Roch Gauthier looks at why executives need to view scheduling as a vital part of the business decision-making process

Dynamics of the real world

Miquel Angel Alós explains how operations teams in the oil and gas industry can create a dynamic simulation to make it possible to simulate a realistic understanding and behaviour of a plant

"Excellence is not an act, but a habit"

How integrated technology optimises the operation

Getting the green light on the grey matter

Steven Kratsis highlights how operational excellence is not just about physical plant assets – it is also about people

Six key links in the supply chain

Laura Rokohl looks at how companies can optimise their supply chain operations through six key areas: improve customer service, decrease inventory, optimise production, be agile, reduce costs and manage materials

Keeping chemical processes safe

Vikas Rastogi looks at the safety element within the chemical processing stage and the solutions that can reduce risk and downtime

The engineer inside the system

Accurate economic evaluation across the capital project lifecycle





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