New parallel-shaft ac gearmotor

Bison Gear is adding eight new models of parallel-shaft AC gearmotor to its range of Von Weise Drop-In Replacement gearmotors

Piezo linear actuator/manipulator replaces motorised actuators

The piezo walk drive effects linear motion directly without the need to transform rotation with gears and leadscrews, says piezo systems specialist PI

Simplification of maintenance for bolts and fasteners

Electrodeposited aluminium with a PTFE top coat can deliver on the requirements for above-sea, splash water zone and sub-sea applications

Goniometric cradles give unobstructed line of sight

Aerotech's new AGC series goniometric cradles suit rotary micro-positioning applications requiring an unobstructed line of sight to the payload or target

Energy efficient balancer shaft leads to engine fuel savings

Schaeffler starts volume production of INA lightweight balancer shaft and rolling bearing assembly for the new Mercedes-Benz OM 651

Parameters for hermetically sealed connectors

Sealing is a very complex science by itself as it involves many physical aspects, including mechanical design, materials science, surface science and fluid behaviour

Design advances extend the scope of heat exchangers into new areas

Heat exchangers have always been at the heart of industrial heat recovery systems, but the latest advances in their design are making them even more central to manufacturing processe

Choosing the best option for overcurrent circuit protection

Kent Hou looks at the options for protecting against overcurrents in designing electronics

Cam-operated assembly system is a standard part

Weiss is introducing the Pick-O-Mat cam-operated assembly system that can form the basis of a complete automated assembly cell

Novel pumping technology operates by using solar energy or waste heat

Various applications could benefit from a new pumping technology, ranging from domestic central heating circulator pumps to irrigation systems in developing countries. Jon Severn reports on the Non-Inertive Feedback Thermofluidic Engine (NIFTE) that is currently under development

Self-lubricating bearings are corrosion-resistant

NSK is introducing Life-Lube bearing units that are suitable for use in harsh environments and those where frequent washdowns are required

Dc motors deliver high performance and efficiency for electric motorcycles

Dc motors are increasing in popularity due to their performance advantages over ac motors for applications ranging from high-speed automation to electric motorbikes. Jon Severn reports on a selection of recent developments in dc motors and drives

‘Smallest’ MID compliant energy meters

The new EM23-DIN energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi providse accurate measurements for energy cost sharing/allocation and utility metering

Wellhead outlet for use in hotter wells

Outlet re-engineered to operate safely in the higher temperatures typically generated by the majority of high pressure, high temperature wells

Software impacts on design for multi-core processors in single chip

Arun Subbarao looks at the issues for operating systems using multi-core devices in embedded systems

Exploring benefits of quasi-resonant converters for power supply systems

Jon Harper looks at how equipment makers can bring the efficiency advantages and lower EMI of quasi-resonant power conversion to lower power systems.

Photoelectric sensors suit food manufacturing machinery

Sick is launching the versatile MH15V photoelectric sensors that feature stainless steel housings, sealing to IP69K and a wide operating temperature range

Plug and play speed sensors are insensitive to electromagnetic fields

New speed sensor technology for industrial electric vehicles has been developed by to cope with the harsh environmental demands created by the switch to more powerful, compact ac motor designs

Future of wireless could depend on software defined radios

Software defined radios have been talked about for a decade. But technological developments coupled with industry demand could see software programmable RF modules becoming the standard for any wireless connectivity

Borehole seismic acquisition gives 'high definition' results

Nicholas Brooks reports on specialised borehole seismic data acquisition and processing solutions





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