Feeling the heat

Matt Hale on the forgotten element of anaerobic digestion - incidental heat

Achieving optimum performance of AD plants

Operators of AD plants often find it difficult to achieve the best performance from their plants

Flexible options provide long-life tank solutions

Good insulation of the container wall and roof construction minimises heat losses from the fermentation process

Anaerobic digestion plant design

Making Feed-In Tariffs payments cost effective. Martin Grant reports

Faster and safer construction of tanks and silos

Martin Grant explains how an alternative technology is minimising risks, while at the same time providing a faster and more convenient method of construction

Efficient anaerobic digestion plant design

Martin Grant explains how to maximise Renewable Heat Incentive payments

Bioenergy plant design - material decisions for tanks

As energy prices continue rise, the number of bioenergy plants across the world is increasing rapidly. However, design engineers are faced with a number of basic choices when it comes to starting a new project

£20m anaerobic digestion plant completed

The plant is the largest gas-to-grid AD plant in the UK

Anaerobic digestion plant to produce 1.5MW of renewable energy

FLI Energy completes construction of Tamar Energy’s Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility

UK launch for anaerobic digestion tanking system

BCI Process launch the Lipp tanking system at The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association ADBA trade show

Small scale anaerobic digestion

Continued government support will unlock much needed new generation, says ENER-G




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