New range of marine compressors

These are for use in combination with air lubrication systems

New high-efficiency HSR turbocompressor

This is oil-free for food and beverage applications

Upgraded compressor targets food production

Oil-free unit has an optional integrated dryer

New high-speed air turbocompressor

This is more efficient than the line it replaces

New IP66-rated oil-injected screw compressor

This enables a system to be optimised via selection of the most efficient combination of machines

New efficient 30-45 kW compressor range

Small footprint offers location flexibility

New condensate drain for compressed air systems

The unit strains to 250 microns

Ultra-low vibration oil-free compressor

BOGE Compressors has launched an extremely quiet and ultra-low vibration series of air compressors, the BOGE EO series




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