What is the role of machine learning in industry?

How different types of machine learning are being used today

Karma has selected AI for autonomous driving

Revero family to be launched in 2021 with the Xavier system-on-a-chip

Putting AI in the Internet of Things

How can artificial intelligence benefit the IoT?

AI to aid wind turbine inspection

Ambitious Sulzer Schmid and Nnaisense partnership aims for industry first

AI gains traction across different sectors

Air travel, education, building and city planning all see benefits

AI: More than robots in the factory

As the use of AI accelerates, what does this mean for the workforce?

How disruptive are your inventions?

Some thoughts on evolutionary verses AI-fuelled revolutionary inventions

Massive AI investment announced

More than $2 billion to be ploughed into DARPA’s various projects

What is the future of service robots?

Italy’s first robot concierge, Robby Pepper uses AI to help point guests in the right direction. How should this new breed of robot be powered?

Biometric sensors record real-time emotions of racers

This could one day have consumer safety implications by detecting driver fatigue or drunkenness

AI For Improving And Aiding Product Development

Speeding up research and development with artificial intelligence

Robot ships can now avoid collisions

This research project has proven that on-board AI can make important decisions as well as a human crew

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

There will always be a case for human intervention in customer service, but there is no denying the potential of artificial intelligence in this sector. Roxanne Abercrombie explains how AI is changing customer service

The death of the call centre?

Stephen Parker examines the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence in the services sector and whether call centre agents should fear the threat of automation

The evolution of the intelligent assistant

We've all had some sort of experience with an intelligent assistant. However, this technology is not just for novelty consumer use. Roxanne Abercrombie explains the role of intelligent assistants for businesses




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