New biocompatible adhesive fluoresces orange

This is designed with medical devices in mind

How to improve your gluing

Tips for the precise dispensing of small amounts of two-part adhesives

New adhesives for electronics

This compound is cures with with UV or visible light

New adhesive packaging and dispensing solution

This can be used for chemical anchoring, 2-component sealing and crack repair

Increasing capability in automated dispensing

Next generation of benchtop dispensing robots launched

New one component glob top adhesive

Epoxy meets NASA low outgassing specifications

A strong bond for manufacturers

Plasma is a good candidate for aiding adhesives

New aero industry adhesive

This is formulated for bonding interior components

New hot melt sealant for insulating glass

This is for manual and automated application

Silicone adhesive lowers costs

New Dow Corning EA-5151 Quick in Connect Adhesive accelerates assembly of automotive electronics

One minute curing resin

Specifically developed for resin transfer moulding processes with glass or carbon fibres

Adhesives deliver better flow control and precise dispensing

Sealing compounds and encapsulants used in electronics to protect sensitive electronic components

Adhesives for arduous, sub-zero conditions

Capable of carrying high loads and filling all voids to prevent and corrosion and fretting

New adhesive for e-motors

DELO's new two-component adhesive is suitable for electric motors with a medium temperature range and provides flexibility and reliability in their assembly

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives guides

Each guide gives a descriptive overview of the technology involved and related product applications in industries

Low-viscosity adhesive cures with UV and visible light

Adhesive has extremely low viscosity and a suitable choice for very tight bond gaps.

New sealants remain flexible even at high temperatures

Light-curing acrylates cure very fast, are highly flexible, and are perfectly suited for creating seals

New approach to intelligent bonding and fixing

To create connections that are reliable for the various processes, the limits of conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives have to be surpassed

High temperature adhesives and encapsulants for applications up to +250°C

Can withstand high temperatures and aggressive media in areas such as the automotive, power electronics, or oil and gas industries

UV adhesive system cures time problem

Overcomes problem bonding three polycarbonate lenses to make large front lens of operating theatre lamp





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