Stratasys and BAE move closer for real-world research

The two are constantly trying to improve the fused deposition system

The need for greener materials in 3D printing

Why sustainable 3D printing filaments are key to reducing waste

Taking AM beyond the prototype stage

Can 3D printing be used in the manufacture of safety critical vehicle parts?

SLS mock-up showcases novel valvetrain

Model will be used for trade show technology demos

Additive manufacturing alliance expands

Industry/academia consortium is based at the Colorado School of Mines

Additive manufacturing range expands

This latest offering is designed for larger parts

Scottish 3D printer opens for business

Start-up uses Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing technology

New 3D printer with automated motorised calibration

Temperature control has been improved with dual blowers

Partnership speeds new component production

Focus is on metal additive manufacturing with integrated FEA

Choosing your next AM machine

Some important 3D printing tips for engineers

AM simulation-driven process software update

This is for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive processes

AM helps hand-powered cyclists make history

Lightweight central titanium support was created by 3D printing

Food-printing takes AM to the next level

This uses precise temperature monitoring to create its dishes

Additive manufacturing materials research drive

The University of Exeter is forming an industry partnership to improve PAEK polymer solutions

New, cheaper carbon fibre additive manufacturing machine

Carbon-fibre-filled Nylon 12 offered in fused deposition modeller with water-soluble support material removal

Advanced 3D Printers & Scanners

New controllers speed the process

Advanced AI-based generative design meets additive manufacturing

This is the result of an effort to lighten components

FDM users wanted to test new software

This system bypasses the STL file stage

CT Scans Aid Metal Additive Manufacturing

Voids or inclusions in parts are now easier to spot

Expansion of 3D printing service

Additive technology improves prototyping capacity





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