Modernising the world’s troops

Michele Windsor looks at the challenges of creating equipment for soldier modernisation programmes and how they can be overcome

Battery fuel-gauging: clarity when it counts

Michele Windsor explains how inaccurate fuel gauging poses a big problem for portable military devices, where the repercussions are more severe than an inability to read e-mails on the go

The tendering process in the UK’s Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is the single largest customer of UK industry? Each year, it spends approximately £19 billion to procure the highest quality equipment and vehicles. David Reeves explains the tendering process

Are we on the verge of a worldwide battery crisis?

Neil Oliver asks the question, who owns and controls the worldwide battery market and where is it heading?

Liberté, égalité, batterie

France is experiencing a new industrial revolution ... in the form of batteries. Michele Windsor looks at the key features of this industry

Battling the European market

Military radios are packed with as many features as a smart phone, but without the ability to regularly charge a phone, the battery is a vital part in keeping the device functioning. Neil Oliverlooks reports

No need for lead acid

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology enhances life and performance

Cultivating innovation in UK batteries

Michele Windsor looks at the state of the UK battery industry and how it could be UK-based manufacturers who offer the next great contribution to battery science

Batteries: Growing German sector offers many opportunities

The growing German battery industry offers many opportunities, says Michele Windsor. Here, she looks at the key features of the industry

Managing component obsolescence in medical devices

There has been a trend in consumer electronics for planned obsolescence, with an all-in-one approach to device design meaning that the entire product must be replaced at the end of the lifecycle. Rob Phillips explores the considerations that must be made when replacing medical device components

The evolution of new battery technologies

Batteries are now being included much earlier in the product design stages, meaning they can be developed to fit the needs of the manufacturer. Neil Oliver explores the evolution of battery technologies

UK manufacturing industry is bordering on stagnation

Rob Phillips looks at the issues affecting the industry and how UK manufacturing can bounce back.

Navigating safe battery transport

IATA regulations revised to reduce transport risk of Lithium-ion batteries by plane. Michele outlines some of these challenges

A guide to safely transporting Lithium-ion batteries

Accutronics has released a one page guide to the safe transport of lithium-ion batteries. The guide will help original equipment manufacturers stay on top of legislative changes about the transport of batteries that come into effect on 1st April

The secret lives of batteries

Making sure you get a battery that can meet the demands of a device you’re designing is vital for performance, which is particularly crucial when designing devices for healthcare and other high pressure environments

The art of design validation and verification

Do you know the difference between validation and verification? Gareth Hancox explains

Cybersecurity risks: lock the backdoor

Neil Oliver takes a look at the vital role hardware encoding plays in the battle to secure medical devices

Managing by exception - getting it right

Prabhjit Singh explores the concept of Managing By Exception. He explains how MBE can be used to improve project management effectiveness, but only when used in the right balance

Which is the right project methodology for you?

Prabhjit Singh looks into the types of methodologies and evaluates how OEMs can choose the best for them through careful consideration of their environment and market

Medical battery technology

How apps and wearables from consumer electronic brands are impacting the healthcare sector and the regulatory issues of distributing medical technology globally





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