Zone 1 LED fitting delivers three hours of illumination on battery back-up

Paul Boughton

Dialight has launched an emergency version of its SafeSite Stainless Steel LED Linear Luminaire with integrated battery.

The new LED emergency light operates from -20°C to 60°C and will deliver at least three and up to eight hours on battery backup, while most conventional emergency lights operate only within the 0°C to 40°C range. By being able to operate across such a wide temperature range, this first-of-its-kind LED fitting with battery backup and integrated power supply will meet the emergency lighting needs of a wider range of applications than has been possible with traditional fluorescent lighting.
Suited for offshore drilling operations, refineries and other hazardous areas where vibrations and shock shorten the life of traditional lamps and luminaires, the 35W and 70W fitting is designed to replicate the output of conventional 2X18W and 2x36W fluorescents  for more robust, long-life emergency lighting. Both LED fittings deliver 270 lumens in battery backup mode which is maintained over the life of the battery.
The SafeSite Stainless Steel LED Linear leverages Dialight’s low-wattage LED design, customised driver circuitry and optimised power supply to deliver years of stand-by life on the integrated, high performance 3.6V NiMH battery, while its built-in battery status indicator allows the battery condition to be monitored and tested without the need to touch the luminaire.
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