Zigbee interface converts standard switches to wireless devices

Paul Boughton

Intelligent Distributed Controls (IDC) is launching the ZB107 Wireless Switch Interface. Designed to mount directly onto standard pushbuttons or pull switch enclosures in place of the normal cable gland entry, the Zigbee-compatible unit accommodates up to 16 inputs. Offering the advantage of very low power consumption, the ZB107 requires just two AA batteries that last for years without replacement in most applications.
The ZB107 is designed to act as a wireless end node in a Zigbee wireless network. Zigbee operates at 2.4GHz on a licence-free IEEE 802.15.4 international standard, providing secure and robust wireless coverage over distances of up to 100m, with network extension possible via routers for longer distances.
Typical applications for the ZB107 include pushbutton stations, pull cord operation for 'Andon' call and progress monitoring in manufacturing operations, level monitoring in bunkers and tanks, traffic light control and mobile plant interlocking. The photo shows the ZB107 coupled to a Bernstein Pull Switch.
For more information, visit www.idc.gb.com