Specializing in wire-to-board and board-to-board applications.

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation – Board-to-Board and Board-to-Wire InterconnectSolutions

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation has been in business for over 95 years and is a leading source of solutions to complex interconnection requirements and problems for markets including:

From standard products to our custom solutions, Zierick has invented andproduced technologies which have become the industry standard and whichcontinue to shape the industry in the future. Zierick is capable of providing solutions from product design to the production floor, with our line of terminal applicatorsfor both surface mount and thru hole applications. Our US-based Team is available to offersolutions and provide assistance from Product Design to Volume Production.  

Product Overview:

Board-to-Board and Board-to-Wire Interconnect solutions in addition to electronic hardware: pins, quick disconnects (tabs), insulation displacement connectors, board stacking connectors, edge connectors, coaxial connectors, jumpers, wire grippers, sockets, headers and auto fuse clips.

Our Applicator Group can provide a variety ofautomated solutions to reduce labor costs associated with terminal placement.  We offer bench top and automated assembly equipment to insert thru hole terminals as well as surface mount specialty feeders for placing continuous strip and bulk parts. We also provide presses and hand tools for wire insertion and termination.

If our catalog products don’t meet your specific design needs we can provide custom solutions for you.

Zierick is ISO 9001:2008 registered as well asRoHS and REACH compliant.


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