World's first commercial Nitrox diver training

Paul Boughton

Osiris Marine Services, a division of James Fisher and Sons plc, has completed the world's first commercial Nitrox diver training at The Underwater Centre, Fort William, Scotland.

The course, written by The Underwater Centre with consultant support from James Ridgeway, offshore manager at Osiris, trains divers in the use of Enriched Air Nitrox in an offshore commercial application. 

With divers certified to International Nitrox standards, Osiris is able to provide customers with additional assurance in its offshore capabilities and deliver a competent Nitrox diving team to any global location. 

Osiris’ general diving manager Kevin Hood added: “This training gives our team a good all-round understanding of diving on Nitrox, to a standard which meets industry approval and will also provide divers with clarification due to a lack of previous lack of specific training.”

Osiris has also recently invested in an offshore Nitrox diving system which complies with the most stringent of international standards, allowing its divers to spend longer at shallower depths and reduces the risk of decompression illness. This investment within its core diving and ROV capability means Osiris continues to develops its position as a complete solutions provider for the global offshore industry.

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