Wind turbine maintenance package launch

Louise Smyth

Castrol and Romax Technology have launched Onyx InSight, a new predictive maintenance brand that offers wind energy asset owners and operators clarity and control over technological risks and operational expenditure.

“We are aiming to pave the way for a new era of predictive maintenance, in which all variables affecting rotating machinery performance can be accounted for,” said Bruce Hall, CEO at Onyx InSight. “Giving operators complete visibility of the condition of their assets with the right data, analytical tools and guidance empowers them to take full control of their maintenance programmes, reducing unexpected downtime and costs. In short, we’re eliminating surprises and making the unpredictable predictable.” 

It has been launched to deliver a full range of predictive maintenance services that give wind turbine owners complete visibility of what goes wrong, when and where, before enabling them to act on this analysis to refine maintenance programmes, maximise long-term performance and minimise OPEX costs.

These benefits are realised via a unique combination of specialist engineering consultancy and an integrated platform of proven hardware and cloud-based software. This includes ecoCMS, an innovative condition monitoring system, FieldPro, a mobile solution for equipment inspection and reporting, and Fleet Monitor, an advanced web-based data analytics tool that brings all critical monitoring, inspection and maintenance data into one place.

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