Wi-Fi connected temperature and humidity data loggers

Paul Boughton

T&D Corporation has introduced its new Wi-Fi connected two-channel temperature/humidity data logger Model TR-72wf.

The TR-72wf contains an integrated Wi-Fi function that enables it to automatically upload recorded data from the logger to TandD's FREE Cloud based WebStorage Service.

This device also has an AP mode which allows for direct log on and downloading of data by a smartphone or tablet.

The TR-72wf can be Set Up, Configured and Operated without using a PC.

Features incluide:

* One channel temperature monitoring;
* One channel humidity monitoring;
* Wi-Fi connected;
* Log on directly and download from smartphone or tablet;
* Automatic uploads to TandD's WebStorage Service;
* Web-based alert emails;
* Free ThermoWeb App for both iOS and Android;
* Set-up and run without a PC;
* Supports WPS for quick and easy router connection;
* Runs on 2 x AA batteries for up to two years.

The TR-72wf temperature measurement range is 0 to 55°C with resolution of 0.1°C. Measurement units can be in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

The humidity range is 10 to 95 per cent RH with resolution of 1 per cent RH.
For additional information and specifications on the NEW TR-72 Data Logger and the complete TandD product line contact:

For more information, visit Web: www.tandd.com