Well equipment expert launches new gauge hanger

Paul Boughton

Specialist downhole tool provider, Peak Well Systems has launched the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger for the slickline deployment of data acquisition devices through narrow constrictions in the well. Its slim yet highly expandable design minimises flow restriction, enabling operators to record accurate data during production and/or injection conditions.

The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger is deployed to suspend data acquisition gauges during well testing and production monitoring and can also be used as an anchoring platform in non-monobore wells. It comes in two chassis sizes, 2.200” and 3.600” OD and can be set in a range of tubing sizes from 4 ½” through a large 9 5/8” size.

It is deployed from surface using Peak’s innovative, non-explosive eSetting Tool. At the required depth in the well, the eSetting Tool activates and sets the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger, expanding its arms and centralising itself in the tubing. The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger is securely anchored in the well via the bi-directional slips.

The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger is retrieved using an external fishing neck pulling tool. Once latched, light upward jarring un-sets the device, retracting the arms and slips from contact with the tubing. It can then be recovered to surface along with any gauges that may have been deployed.

For more information visit www.peakwellsystems.com 

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