Weigh modules ensure accuracy and safety

Paul Boughton

Mettler Toledo has published a new video that shows how its new SWB505 MultiMount weigh module is rigorously tested to ensure it meets its specifications in real-life applications and can be safely installed.

Not all weigh modules are designed or tested equally. The new MultiMount weigh modules are designed for easy installation and for withstanding harsh industrial environments. In large tank or vessel installations, weigh modules not only weigh the vessel, but they also support the tanks and become an integral part of the entire structure, preventing it from tipping, for example.

To have confidence in the weigh module, it should be designed using finite element analysis (FEA) to model where the stresses will be. That, in addition to physical testing to verify the computer model, ensures it will safely support the vessel. Many weigh module producers publish ratings that substantiate a claim of support, but do not necessarily perform FEA and physical testing, like Mettler Toledo does. Weigh modules that have survived stress and strength analysis make installations safer and encourage a longer product life.

The video shows how extensive quality testing during the design phase ensures a high quality product and how the innovative SafeLock features facilitate easier and safer installation.


Testing of new and innovative Weigh Module