Wearable air bags for the ultimate in rider safety

Jon Lawson

Following hot on the heels of the latest Ducati Multistrada V4, the company is now offering the ultimate safety accessory: wearable air bags. 

Stemming from the MotoGP rider’s experience, the new vest features sensors and an electronic control unit which analyses the data acquired 1,000 times per second. Should something nasty be detected, such as sliding or rear-end collision, the internal micro-filaments expand to protect the wearer. Designer Dainese claims it offers protection equal to that of seven level 1 back protectors, without having the rigid material inside.

The makers claim a 26 hour battery life and it can be charged with a USB socket. It’s operated via an app, and as it does not need to be plugged into the bike itself, no restrictive cables are needed. 

Two versions are offered, tailored for men or women, and when not in use it can be folded flat like normal clothing.

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