Wax And Graphene: A Perfect Pairing?

Jon Lawson

Sulzer Mixpac has developed ecopaCC, a new collapsible primary packaging for adhesives and sealants that can be used with existing dispenser technology. The design cuts costs, resources and waste, with saving potential across the value chain from transportation to disposal.

When filled with for example adhesives, ecopaCC is able to compress and reduce its size as the contents are dispensed. Once empty, the cartridges can be removed from the reusable support sleeve in order to be disposed of. For example, a 600mL collapsed cartridge occupies a weight up to 75% less than packaging waste from conventional, rigid products, which subsequently reduces disposal costs.

The foldable design not only reduces waste, but also minimises the space required for both empty and filled options. Therefore, industrial adhesives manufacturers as well as users can benefit from substantial reductions in shipping and storage costs.

EcopaCC also features improved shelf life and leakproof properties whilst increasing the system versatility by enabling a broad range of film cartridge materials suitable for different substances. In addition, Sulzer Mixpac collapsible cartridges and their support sleeves are fully compatible with current dispensers from the Mixpac, COX and MK ranges.

The technology is available in several sizes and ratios such as 600 mL 1:1, 600 mL 3:1 and 1500 mL 1:1. In all versions, Sulzer Mixpac can support both front and back-end filling options.

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