Water-based acrylic coating fully protects concrete

Louise Smyth

CIN has just launched a new C-CRYL W680 MATT coating to fully protect concrete. This new coating has a low level of VOC, is permeable to water vapour, has low permeability to carbon dioxide and water, and displays good adhesion.

This product is fire retardant and available in a wide range of colours, in unlimited amounts and in the Colormix 3G fine tuning. It may be used directly on concrete or cement surfaces, or as a finish for water-based intumescent paints.

The 12-680 C-CRYL W680 MATT allows you to obtain a matte finish in protecting structural concrete and cementitious mortars for repair and finishing; displays good finish and opacity even in roller applications.

The new water-based acrylic coating to fully protect concrete by CIN has the EC Marking, since it meets the requirements of Standard EN 1504-2. This is a product that complies with the principles of Protection against Ingress, Moisture Control and Increasing Resistivity.

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