Washdown gearmotor stirs food machine builders

Paul Boughton

Olsen Engineering UK has launched the Bison SANIMotor range of stainless steel gearmotors that meets the IP69K extreme washdown rating.
SANIMotor gearmotors are designed to meet the IP69K extreme washdown rating established by the European IEC for equipment exposed to temperature extremes, constantly wet environments, and the use of harsh cleaning agents. Electrical components are encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy resin, allowing use at up to 40°C (104°F) ambient temperature and higher temperatures with D rating.

Encapsulation optimises heat conduction within the motor, allowing totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) operation, VSD/Inverter compatible based on a 10:1 turn down ratio for constant operation. Output shaft sealing is achieved with a two part rotor-stator style seal, providing three sealing surfaces.

Electrical termination is provided by an IP69K rated stainless steel, modular, multi-pin power connector. The gear motors can be mounted in an orientation and have high side load ratings, fully tested.

The three-phase 230V inverter-duty SANIMotor range employs Bison’s Verdant Duty design for increased energy efficiency. It is available in two frame sizes; 88.4 and 127mm, each of which is mated to seven standard gearing packages, offering fixed output speeds from 345RPM to 8RPM at rated torque from 0.8 to 56.5N-m.

For more information, vist www.consultolsen.com

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