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VEM Motors UK Ltd is the UK office of VEM motors GmbH - a leading German manufacturer at the forefront of our industry. VEM is recognised around the world, and in all industry sectors, as an innovative, flexible, internationally active and reliable manufacturer of high quality, technically sophisticated system and drive solutions, custom drives and single components. The engineering and quality of the products with the VEM logo are trendsetters within the market.

We are able to provide standard motors, for quick delivery, from a large stock-holding and also produce special customised drives that meet demanding and technical specifications. Our extensive product range can be adapted to meet the needs of the most diverse industrial sectors and, where required, extreme conditions :- pumps and compressors, fans, air-conditioning, cranes, roller tables, ship-building, mining, hazardous areas, chemical industry etc. VEM products meet all relevant standards and regulations.

Our Product Range includes motors in frame sizes 56-400, 0.06kW-500kW, and includes the following:

•    Three Phase Motors
•    Energy Efficient Motors - IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4
•    Brake Motors
•    Multiple Speed Motors
•    Slip Ring
•    Force Ventilated
•    Roller Table
•    Water Cooled
•    Marine Applications
•    Hazardous Area - Exe, Exn, Exd, Zone 21, Zone 22
•    Variable Speed Drives
•    Compact Drives
•    Smoke Extraction
•    Traction Motors
•    Generators
•    Permanent Synchronous
•    Wind Power Generators

A tradition of innovation, technical expertise and first-class engineering allow us to achieve solutions that meet the highest technical demands and which are customised for our customers individual technical needs. Our customers benefit from the competency and service advantages of dealing with a flexible partner.

Electric Motor Efficiency is a major consideration when buying motors.  New EU regulations mean minimum efficiency requirements for all of us.  At VEM we have ensured that all of our Electric Motor products meet, or exceed, the minimum requirements.  Let us help you ensure that you are both complying with the new regulations and improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your products.

VEM Electric Motor products are used in a vast assortment of applications around the globe:

•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Chemical, Oil and Gas,
•    Steelworks & Rolling Mills
•    Plant Construction
•    Energy and Environmental Engineering
•    Wind Power Plants
•    Ship Building
•    Transport Engineering

Whatever your requirements we are confident we will have the best solution for you.


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