USB stepper motor evaluation kit

Paul Boughton

LG Motion is offering an evaluation kit based around Arcus Technology’s DMX-J-SA series, NEMA 17 frame sized, integrated microstep motor + control + drive.

The plug and play package has USB 2.0 connectivity and includes everything required to run and test a single axis motion system including a 24V, 3A power supply, a USB cable, programming and set-up software, and a junction board complete with LEDs, pushbuttons and screw terminals that interface with the DMX’s complement of opto-isolated I/O (2 x inputs, 2 x outputs), and limit and home inputs.

The USB stepper motor evaluation kit is aimed at OEMs and machine builders wishing to assess the many benefits of Arcus’ integrated motor technology; where users can minimise cabling and simplify machine layouts – lowering build costs and allowing faster machine development timescales. The evaluation kit also suits users who have simple single axis stepper requirements and wish to purchase all ancillary and machine interfacing components from a single source.

The complete DMX range includes 11, 17 and 23 frame integrated motors with a choice of communication interfaces for RS232/485, CANopen, USB and Ethernet as well as step + direction models.

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