Upgrades to flowmeter

Jon Lawson

The Krohne MFC 400 signal converter is now available with a Profinet I/O option. Hereby, all Optimass x400 Coriolis mass flowmeters (compact and field versions) can be equipped with an industrial Ethernet communication, complementing the existing Hart 7, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA and DP as well as Modbus communication options.

With Profinet I/O all measuring, process and diagnostic information from the meters is available in real-time via a single communication channel, allowing for convenient integration of new meters. The MFC 400 supports network functions such as auto-negotiation, auto crossover, auto polarity and network diagnostics, and is is automatically added to the communication path topology when connected to the network. It also supports media redundancy protocol - in the event of a line or device failure the MFC 400 instantly switches to an alternative communication path when installed in supporting topologies. A web server is not required, and standard functions such as zero flow calibration or counter reset can be performed directly.

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