Upgraded pressure sensors

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Pressure sensors in ifm’s popular PI2xxx range, which have been widely used in the food and beverage industries for many years, have been upgraded to offer even better performance. Key enhancements include increased resolution of pressure measurement via IO link and 4-20mA outputs, increased maximum media from 125 to 150°C medium temperature, additional temperature measurement  output via IO-Link digital interface.

The new PI1xxx sensors now have 32-bit, 20,000 step resolution over their measuring range via the IO-Link interface. These are important benefits, especially in small tank hydrostatic level measurement and applications with head pressure as, in such cases, only a small part of the measuring range is actually used.

The addition of support for IO-Link is also a major improvement as, not only does it allow access to the high-resolution measurement data, it also supports diagnostics and a simulation mode. In addition, the sensors can be conveniently parameterised via IO-Link as an alternative to using the 3 pushbuttons and display. To aid compatibility with traditional control systems, a conventional 2/3 wire analogue output is also provided.

For maximum convenience and safety in food, pharmaceutical and similar applications, PI sensors use a ceramic measuring cell which, unlike sensors with a metallic diaphragm, does not require the use of an oil fill fluid in a diaphragm seal. The ceramic cell also offers long-term measuring stability, even with frequent pressure peaks and overloads, and it is highly resistant to the effects of abrasive media.

Pressure sensors in the newly enhance PI range from ifm are available in thirteen versions with a G1 sealing cone fitting. The highest sensing range covers -1 to 100 bar, while the lowest covers -0.005 to 0.1 bar. Twelve versions are also available with a G1 Aseptoflex Vario fitting, but in this case the highest sensing range covers -1 to 25 bar.  All types now operate with media over the temperature range -25 to +150 ºC