Ultrasonic flow sensors handle extreme temperatures

Paul Boughton

Manufactured from a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, ceramic, thermoplastic or composite polymer, MorganMorgan Advanced Materials’s ultrasonic sensors are designed specifically for customers’ own flow tubes, including features such as injection moulded ceramic reflector blocks, which enhance flow characteristics.

Recent characterisation shows that Morgan’s ultrasonic flow sensors provide consistent readings across a temperature range of -10ºC to 120ºC. This enables users to take precise measurements across a range of diverse applications and environments; including the oil and gas industry, large industrial ultrasonic flow systems and fuel measurement technologies.

Temperature stability is critical to heat meter manufacturers to ensure accurate measurement of domestic hot water consumption utilised in district heating. This crucial property ensures flexibility, consistency and dependability in applications operating from 50ºC to sub-zero climates.

As well as their tolerance to extremes of temperature, Morgan’s ultrasonic sensors are resistant to contamination from sediment and particles, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operation. This is particularly valuable in the water metering market.