Ultrasonic flow metering sensor

Paul Boughton

In response to growing industry demand, Morgan Advanced Materials has launched a new 2MHz water coupled transducer for ultrasonic flow metering, offering greatly improved sensitivity and shortened ring-up time.

Customisable for any liquid measurement application from water metering to fuel flow, Morgan’s 2Mhz flow sensor provides a high receive signal over a very small area, and at only 20mm in diameter offers space and material savings while maintaining superior performance. The sensor is capable of operating with a wide bandwidth and high sensitivity, and resists pressures of up to 50Bar.

The standard 2Mhz sensor offers a drive to receive ratio of 2:1 and is supplied in an advanced water resistant thermoplastic. Custom developments can be manufactured in a number of different materials according to specific requirements.

The sensor offers a ring-up time which is claimed to be around three times shorter than alternative ultrasonic sensors on the market.