Ultralight miniature connector for aeronautics

Paul Boughton

An alternative to the D-subminiature connector, the new microComp Quicklatch is a 100 per cent composite miniature quick connector designed particularly for use on in-flight entertainment (IFE) screens aboard commercial aircraft.

It is 32 per cent smaller and 45 per cent lighter than a D-sub and can save as much as the equivalent of the weight of one passenger on modern civil aircraft.

The microComp Quicklatch is already being used on Airbus A350, A380 and A330 aircraft and Boeing B747, B787 and B777 aircraft. Production of the connector is expected to double each year.microComp technology benefits from Souriau's years of research in miniaturisation and lightening for aeronautic, military and industrial applications.

The miniature design of the microComp Quicklatch is in particular the result of Souriau's expertise in composite injection moulding and optimisation of contact retention systems. This miniature design, coupled with the use of composites, makes the microComp Quicklatch one of the lightest connectors on the market.

Fitted in passenger seat backrests, the microComp Quicklatch is compatible with Gigabit Ethernet networks and sends signals to each video screen.

Its nickel coating ensures the highest protection against lightning and electromagnetic interference and its design and shielding level allow it to support up to four 100 Mbps Ethernet lines with excellent performance.

For more information, visit www.souriau.com

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