Ultra-low drop-out 500mA LDO regulator ICs

Paul Boughton

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new series of 500mA LDO Regulator ICs that achieve the industry’s lowest-in-class drop-out voltages. The devices are ideal for power management applications in smartphones, tablets and other battery operated devices including wearables. To increase efficiency of these LDOs special attention is put on minimizing the drop-out voltage at high output current and low output voltage operation.

The new TCR5AM series achieve an ultra-low dropout voltage by adopting a secondary bias voltage supply (VBAT) as a reference voltage. Applying VBAT=3.3V enables a 0.6V output voltage operation with typical dropout voltages as low as 0.090V (@ IOUT=300mA) and 0.150V (@ IOUT=500mA). This performance makes the TCR5AM series suitable for high-current loads (such as RF or camera circuits) in battery operated designs.

In addition to the excellent drop-out performance the TCR5AM series includes integrated protection features like over-current and over-temperature protection as well as under-voltage lock-out and auto output discharge functions.

The TCR5AM comes in the ultra-small DFN5B package (1.2mm x 1.2mm; t: 0.38mm) with 600mW power dissipation. As the LDO can be mounted with small ceramic input and output capacitors it is the perfect solution for high-density board assemblies.