Ultra compact photo microsensor

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its SMD photo IC portfolio with the introduction of an ultra-compact 3mm slot variant. The EE-SX4330 photo microsensor ensures stable PCB mounting with an optimised 3mm terminal design.

Available in tape reel or tape-out packaging, the new photo microsensor provides compact transmissive sensing with a photo IC digital output. Offering detection for both position and rotation, the new 3mm PMS enables miniaturisation for a wide range of functions and applications. The side pad’s flat terminal design enables a compact 5 x 6 x 4mm size and ensures surface-mount stability to optimise reflow soldering,

Extending Omron’s Photo IC type (Digital output) portfolio, the new SMD Photo Micro Sensor contributes further to optimising customers’ PCB mounting and soldering process. A broad range of applications benefiting from this miniaturisation extends from chip mounting equipment, factory automation and cutting machines, to analysers and plotters.

One notable success is the application of photosensors for biochemical analyser application. Here, the Omron Photo Micro Sensor provides encoder detection to control disk rotation and arm operation accurately and dependably inside the analyser.