UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts

Jon Lawson

CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts. These ducts are notable for their excellent form stability. They also feature tight-fitting covers that allow for very easy detachment and reattachment. Pegs with pre-determined breakage points enable comfortable customization of the ducts for incoming and outgoing cabling. The product comes with deburred edges to minimize the risk of injury during assembly and cable fitting and to protect the cable sheathing.

The ducts are supplied with a standard length of two meters. They are made from a rigid PVC material that is lead-free, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V-0. For use in public buildings, CONTA-CLIP also provides halogen-free versions in accordance with VDE 0472 part 815. In case of a fire, the plastic these cabling ducts are made from does not break down to release toxic gases. Moreover, this material meets the F2 and I3 requirements of the NF F 16-101 railway standards. The product range also includes all the necessary tools for mounting, like, for instance, the VKS cutter for exact 90° angle cuts of cabling ducts up to a width of 125 mm. Another one is the ergonomically shaped SN-SW setting tool that allows for secure, high-speed application of expanding rivets. Its long shaft makes it suitable for placing rivets even in very deep ducts and in other places that are otherwise hard to reach. The VK-AKZ notching pliers can be used to work on the walls of a cabling duct and break off the pegs all the way to the bottom.