UK oil and gas sector: 95 per cent would move abroad

Paul Boughton

The UK has strong competition from abroad, with nine in 10 of those working in the oil and gas sector considering a move.

Following the Treasury’s commitment to bring forward major infrastructure projects, the research, which was conducted by recruitment website, shows the appeal of working overseas is considerable.

Some 309 people working in the oil and gas sector were asked about their motivations and reservations for moving abroad.

While for some, the lure of the sun and the experience may be the appeal, for four in 10, it is simply that the UK is becoming a less attractive place to work – and one in six feel there are not enough opportunities.

The UAE and Middle East are the most popular choices for working abroad. This may be due to the perception that they offer the best salaries, and that there are more work prospects there: indeed, six in 10 believe Qatar has more opportunities than the UK. These regions are closely followed by other English-speaking countries, with Australia, Canada, the US, and New Zealand being similarly appealing.

For many, this would not be a mere short-term trip: even although two-thirds already have experience of working abroad, half would move abroad on a long term basis.

Top 5 reasons for relocating:

1. Higher salary.
2. Good career opportunities.
3. Experience.
4. Good working atmosphere.
5. Good terms of employment/benefits.

Rob Searle, Commercial Director of, said: “While it may come as no surprise that a very high number of respondents were interested in moving abroad for work, the recent announcement from the Treasury means that the UK can nevertheless offer very healthy competition.”