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With a history dating back to 1901, Dejond started as a family owned metal stockist and is today one of the leading European manufacturers of TUBTARA® blind rivet nuts for which it is known throughout the world. Thanks to its specialization in cold forming technology Dejond’s name has become synonymous with high quality, innovation and being one step ahead of industry demand.

Since 1954 Dejond is manufacturing the Tubtara® blind rivet nut, a mechanical fastener especially developed to ensure a strong thread in a thin metal sheet or profile and used in applications where there is little or no access from the rear.  It can be used to clinch separate sheets together (acting as a rivet) and allows you to assemble another component with a bolt or screw. 

Installed from only one side, the Tubtara® is very effective in enclosed applications, such as cabinets, profiles, enclosures, pipes etc.  But it offers more advantages to manufacturers. It is appropriate for fast and repeated assembly.  The workpiece doesn't deform during setting and its (pre-coated or –painted) surface remains undamaged.  The Tubtara® is resistant to vibration, works in close-to-edge applications and can bear higher loads.  It's a cost saving solution : it avoids tapping, welding or working with a bolt and nut and no expensive setting tools are needed. 

Originally only manufactured in aluminium and carbon steel, the Tubtara® blind rivet nut range swiftly progressed to stainless steel 304 and most recently stainless steel 316.  The programme includes open and closed end versions from M3 till M12 with round, splined or hexagonal shank and different head forms. All these standard and special products are manufactured in Dejond's production facility in Belgium.

Dejond's core principle has always been to discover and understand the needs of the customers first, then find the solution to meet them. 

Looking for a closed end Tubtara® preventing the inflow of dirt, certain fluids or oils ?  Use our HX Tubtara® with underhead seal offering a watertight solution.

Need a high corrosion resistant, non-magnetic version ?  Should the Tubtara® also resist elevated temperatures and chlorides?  Choose one of the more than 100 different types from stock in stainless 304 and stainless 316.

Can you only use or drill round holes? Do you have an application in very hard or slippery material? Ask for our new Anti-Turn Tubtara® with special anti-rotation head and reach the highest torque-to-turn values possible with a round shank.

Dejond's unique portfolio is distributed to customers around the globe in all kinds of industries : white goods, electronics, furniture, railways, telecom, lighting, marine, paper & pulp etc. Dejond even produces 2 stainless steel Tubtara's for the latest aerospace programs.  Tubtara® is used in enclosures, heating installations, airconditioning, swimming pools, solar panels, window profiles, cable trays, fences, rails and many other applications.

Dejond has more than ever the ambition to stay at the forefront of the design and manufacture of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts as development is its essential strength. Tubtara® your reliable connection !
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Cross section of an installed Tubtara® blind rivet nut
Tubtara® application in a metal cabinet
Tubtara® set from one side in an enclosed application
Tubtara® : recommended on painted surfaces
Anti-turn Tubtara® : round shank with high torque values