Transmission units offer increased torque for high-mileage vehicles

Paul Boughton

The HYDROTRAC GFT series 8000 is a rotating planetary gearbox developed by Bosch Rexroth to offer increased power density and torque for wheel and track driven equipment, such as subsea crawlers, bulldozers and agricultural sprayers.

The drive units boast a two or three-stage planetary gearbox with a bent-axis design axial piston motor, resulting in a compact transmission unit capable of saving space in wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The HYDROTRAC GFT series 8000 is suitable for use in open or closed hydraulic circuits and comes in nine different sizes with a torque range of 10 to 130kNm, ensuring the needs of almost any high-mileage vehicle are met.

The new drive unit can be integrated with the existing Rexroth A6VE hydraulic motor, increasing power density and torques by approximately ten per cent compared to previous versions.

As an optional extra, versions 8120, 8130 and 8150 can be retrofitted with a dynamic multi-disc brake, which is not only 75% lighter than traditional brakes, but ensures stringent safety criteria can be met for self-propelled equipment.

In addition, the multi-disc brake is located inside the gearbox and is therefore protected from grime and the weather to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

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