Track rollers now available in premium X-life quality

Paul Boughton

Track rollers are self-retaining double-row units with particularly thick-walled outer rings. In addition to high radial forces, these bearings can also support axial forces in both directions. The outer rings have a crowned or cylindrical outside surface. Designs with a crowned outside surface are used where they are inclined in relation to the mating track, ensuring reducing edge loading if misalignment occurs.

Now Schaeffler has extended its premium quality X-life product family with a new range of high performance track rollers that offers a significantly higher load carrying capacity and a longer rating life than its predecessors.

The redesigned LR52 and LR53 series of track rollers are the latest additions to Schaeffler’s X-life product family. With an increased dynamic load rating of 15% compared to competitors' products, combined with a speed limit increase, the LR52 and LR53 X-life track rollers are the highest performing track rollers currently available on the market.

Both series are available exclusively in premium quality X-life standard. As the external dimensions remain the same as their predecessors, the LR52 and LR53 X-life track rollers are direct replacements for existing track rollers, with no modifications required to the customer’s application.

Upgrading the track rollers to X-life quality required improvements to the internal design of the bearing. The LR52 and LR53 series incorporate a variety of new design features that result in an increased dynamic load rating of up to 10% and an increased static load rating of up to 15%. These improvements also result in significant increases in the bearing rating life.

Both series are offered with DEHP-free HRS seals as standard or with improved steel sealing shields (Z) as an option. Customers can also choose between an optimised polyamide cage or a rigid, robust steel cage.

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