Touchscreen LCDs reduce time to market for rugged equipment

Jon Lawson

Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin, has unveiled its CHO-TOUCH range of standard integrated LCD displays.

The new units are designed to reduce time to market and simplify the customer design experience by integrating touchscreens, optical bonding and high performance LCDs into a complete assembly that is ready for use straight out of the box.

Using CHO-TOUCH LCD displays, OEMs no longer need to procure individual components, which in turn simplifies the supply chain and reduces design cycles for the display assembly by as much as 90%.

Pitched at sectors that include defence, aerospace, medical and general industrial, the CHO-TOUCH range has been designed to function in environmentally challenging conditions where sunlight readability, vibration resistance, scratch resistance and mechanical strength are needed.

Target applications include industrial controls, medical devices, handheld mobile devices, vehicle mounted displays, marine devices, automotive displays, machine controls, kiosks and terminals to name but a few.

Touchscreen options include the latest projected capacitive (PCAP) and conventional analogue resistive technologies. The former offers all the modern multi-touch controls for pinch, zoom and multi-input configurations.

To help promote brand awareness, Parker is able to include customer-specific graphics on the front cover glass of PCAP controllers. Furthermore, chemically-strengthened glass (up to 6 mm thick) can be used in high impact applications, while glove touch with latex, nitrile, leather and other types are supported with correct PCAP controller configuration.

Resistive controller options allow for any type of touch to be registered, even heavy gloves in extremely cold environments. In addition, super high bright LCDs are used for sunlight readable applications or when maximum visibility is desired.

The CHO-TOUCH range is available in standard sizes from 4.3 to 12.1-in.