Tmax-Battery Housing for lithium-ion systems

The videos show the difference between a lithium-ion battery with and without Tmax-Battery Housing.

The Tmax-Battery Housing for lihtium-ion Systems reliably protects the environment against the effects of thermal runaway and the battery against the risks of high ambient temperatures.

Highest temperatures under control.

In the event of a failure, lithium-ion batteries can reach temperatures of more than 1000 °C. This overheating can lead to fire. Secure casing of these high-performance batteries helps to keep the temperature under control and to ensure safety for both people and machines. Our extensive experience with high-temperature insulations enables us to make a valuable contribution to the safety of battery systems.

The functionality
To protect lithium-ion batteries against fire, it is not enough to just develop high-temperature insulation. Instead the temperature must be monitored permanently. This is why the Tmax-Battery Housing has thermal management with high-performance cooling.

The insulated housing reliably protects the battery from external influences, such as water, extreme temperatures, dust or vibrations. If there is a strong increase in pressure, the burst valve opens and thus prevents a possible explosion. The valve automatically closes when the pressure drops.

Tmax-Battery Housing for lithium-ion systems