Three inch electrically-operated foam monitor

Paul Boughton

Tyco Fire Protection ProductsFJM-80 EL is a highly efficient fog jet foam monitor. The monitor features electric motor driven elevation and rotation via an integrated electrical junction box for smooth operation.

The compact, balanced design is easily manoeuvred thanks to low friction bearings, minimising maintenance requirements. A new linear actuator design controls the nozzle allowing for a fully adjustable stream pattern, moving from jet to fog depending upon the application needs, while the stainless steel and bronze construction ensures the monitor is light to handle while remaining robust.

The new compact FJM-80 EL is designed for use in applications where only lower water flows are available or practical, as well as in areas restricted by space constraints. These may include land-based helipads, as well as bunkers and recycling centres in the waste management sector. In addition, a full range of control options allow the monitor to be operated remotely including wireless options - an important consideration in locations where it is impractical or dangerous to have a full-time operator.

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