Thinking of desiging a wind, wave or tidal power generator?

Louise Smyth

The €2.5 million Blue-GIFT (Blue Growth and Innovation Fast Tracked) project has announced the first call for applications.

Funded by Interreg Atlantic Area, the Blue-GIFT project is a coordinated ocean energy technology demonstration programme encouraging longer-term demonstration and technology de-risking across the Atlantic Area regions.

The first call offers support package vouchers to ocean energy companies for access to demonstration sites across the Atlantic Area, lowering costs for testing and validating technologies in real sea environments.

The project aims to support a minimum of eight floating wind, wave or tidal demonstration related projects across the Atlantic Area region.

The call will close on the 6th September 2019 at 17:00 UTC.

A series of test site access vouchers will be offered to successful applicants to support testing of devices and subsystems at the following test centres: BiMEP (wave and floating wind) in the Basque Country, Spain; PLOCAN (wave and floating wind) in Gran Canaria, Spain; SEENEOH (hydrokinetic and tidal) in Bordeaux, France and WavEC (wave and floating wind test centre) in Aguçadoura, Portugal.

Blue-GIFT is open to any type of enterprise wishing to demonstrate ocean energy technologies in real-sea conditions. The applicant must own the technology (or rights to the technology) being tested or validated.

Click here to apply.

News about France's first tidal project is here.


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