Thermal spray solution for boiler protection

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The Welding Alloys Group has launched a unique thermal spray solution for applications in the waste to energy, biomass and fossil fuel boilers. This process is also, amongst others, suitable for black liquor boilers, fume extraction hoods and ducts in the steel industry, and can be tailored for a large range of other applications, including abrasion, corrosion and erosion at high temperature.

The *SprayClad solution is an arc spray process developed to deliver a bond and hard coat, finished with a sealant that reduces slagging and the need for frequent cleaning. The bond layer, applied to the base material provides a level of corrosion resistance, engineered for thermal expansion and provide’s a secure strong adhesion between the base material and subsequent layers like hard coat. The hard coat or hardfacing layer can be applied utilising various material from the Welding Alloys consumables portfolio to protect against erosion, corrosion or both, depending on the wear mechanism. The final layer, a sealant, is applied consisting of advanced ceramics offering corrosion and erosion protection with the added benefit of exhibiting smooth anti-fouling properties.

Designed to withstand long exposure to corrosive gases and salts at high temperatures that corrode and erode the boiler and heater tubes. SprayClad can be customised to help solve the challenges faced by many of our customers, and contribute significantly to reduce thinning of tube walls, boiler downtime and the cost of in-situ tube cladding.

SprayClad has been developed in collaboration with world leading academic organisations and tested with leading OEM’s and international welding and materials experts. It has proven to increase the lifetime and performance in many applications and is deposited up to 75% faster than traditional cladding techniques, meaning repairs can be carried out quicker. Using WA Mill kits to perform repairs and maintenance allows for rapid deposition rates. Being a “cold process” distortion and adverse metallurgical effects on the base material are non-existent, and the process is carried out without the need of water inside the heat exchanger tubes.

*SprayClad is unavailable in the USA

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