Thermal profiling system for glass heat treatment

Paul Boughton

DATAPAQ is to announce a new, ultra low height temperature profiling system designed to pass through glass-tempering furnaces along with the glass as it is heated and subsequently quenched.

This development enables manufacturers of both clear and low-emissivity glass panels to accurately measure the temperature profiles of this critical process.

The DATAPAQ solution is based on a new model from the established Q18 line of multi-channel data loggers and a new thermal barrier design.

The thermal barrier passes through limited-height furnaces without hindering the process thanks to a special welding technology. A protective coating applied to the barrier during construction ensures a repeatable performance for a long time.

The Insight Furnace analysis software provides quick and easy access to the data as well as in-depth analysis that enables users to pin-point hot or cold spots in the process, thus allowing them to adjust the process parameters.

One of DATAPAQ’s application-specific product lines, SolarPaq systems simplify process optimisation in the photovoltaic industry  
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