Testing materials for weathering

Paul Boughton

Atlas Material Testing Technology has announced a new weathering instrument suitable for performing accelerated testing on a variety of materials.

Designed for fast and economical testing, the Xenotest 440 combines new XenoLogic lamp operating technology with that includes ultrasonic humidifiers to reduce water consumption.

XenoLogic is a new twin-lamp operating technology which enables the instrument to achieve high irradiance levels of 120W/m2 of total UV radiation. By testing at higher irradiance levels, test times can be significantly reduced, compared to standard weathering tests.

In addition to its high irradiance functionality, XenoLogic provides another advantage: an extended lamp service life.

XenoLogic continuously synchronises two 2200W xenon lamps inside the chamber at the lowest possible stress level, which leads to optimised lamp service life and maximised light efficiency. With this new technology, the two xenon lamps combined can last over 4000 hours under standard testing levels of 40-60W/m2. This increases instrument uptime and reduces lamp operating costs by as much as 30 per cent or more.

The Xenotest 440 test chamber provides exceptional capacity for an array of materials and sample sizes:

* 38 narrow (13.5 x 4.5cm) test positions suitable for textiles, leather or paper specimens;
* 33 wide (10 x 6.8cm) test positions suitable for plastics, paints and coatings specimens;
* 22 wide & long (13.5 x 5.5cm) test positions suitable for technical textile / automotive interior specimens;
* 19 or 11 extra-long test positions suitable for technical textiles/plastics specimens.

For more information, visit www.atlas-mts.com

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