Testing for graphene enhanced composite pipes

Paul Boughton

EPL Composite Solutions (EPL) has developed an in-house testing facility to measure and demonstrate the durability of a new generation of graphene enhanced composite gas pipes and pipeline materials.

EPL has for more than 10 years been working closely with the oil and gas industry on the development of a process to manufacture spoolable, high pressure, fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes on a continuous basis. This product is aimed at a replacement for corrosion resistant steel pipes currently in world-wide use. EPL is also working closely with parent company - Haydale Ltd - to incorporate graphene into the thermoplastic composite pipes in order to enhance the oil and gas permeation resistance of these materials as well as increasing the materials long term durability performance.

Gerry Boyce, Managing Director at EPL commented: "The setting up of a pipeline test facility at EPL will help us accelerate the long term testing of thermoplastic composite  pipes as well as enabling us to fast track new materials such as graphene enhanced thermoplastics into the composite pipelines.”

He added: “Tests on our prototype composite pipes have been extremely successful and we are looking forward to further development and certification of a range of materials, pipes and pipeline systems for the oil and gas industry.”

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