Test equipment maker launches cable design tool

Jon Lawson

Pickering Interfaces in the UK has launched a web-based cable design tool to help customers design custom assemblies.

Pickering supplies modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification in for PXI, LXI, and PCI applications and provides a full range of supporting cables and connector solutions for all its products. It also manufactures custom cable assemblies for customers.

The graphics-based web tool allows users to create customised cable assemblies using very detailed design characteristics including a selection of connector types, wire type, pin definitions, pin and cable labelling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving comments and more.

The cable design tool has a built-in library of standard cable sets that can be used as the basis for customisation or cables can be designed from scratch. If a user gets stuck creating a cable, all they need to do is submit the semi-completed assembly and one of Pickering’s engineers will provide guidance through the complete process. When the customised cable assembly is finished, users just need to submit it for a quote.

The tool runs on all modern browsers and is fully supported on all major tablet operating systems.