Temperature profiling in vacuum processes

Jon Lawson

At the SVTM vacuum technologies and materials treatment exhibition, Fluke Process Instruments will present powerful temperature profiling systems based on robust Datapaq TP3 data loggers.

Featuring up to 20 thermocouple channels and an outstanding 3.6 million data points memory, the loggers perform up to 10 consecutive measurement runs. The systems are application-tailored for all kinds of heat treatment processes in primary and secondary metals production, including vacuum brazing, aluminum solution reheat, and water or gas quenching. The measured temperature range is -100…1370 °C with a ±0.3 °C accuracy. Datapaq TP3 data loggers can be pre-configured for mixed thermocouple types. They enable temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) and in-process product temperature monitoring. The Datapaq Insight analysis software includes comprehensive reporting functions. Users can easily customize reports and generate CQI-9, AMS 2750E, and ISO9000-compliant reports. Application-specific thermal barriers protect the electronics throughout the length of the process. The line-up includes, among others, special barriers for vacuum brazing furnaces with minimized out-gassing and low-height quench systems. The team will be happy to advise trade show visitors on the best way to tackle their particular application.

You can visit Fluke Process Instruments at SVTM, Lille, France, 3 – 4 July 2019, Stand 96